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Short-Term Trips

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Welcome to our Short-Term Trips page, a platform that connects local churches and individuals with meaningful opportunities to make a difference around the world. Here, you will find information about upcoming short-term mission trips organized by churches in our area, giving you the chance to give, join a team, or offer your prayers and support.

Got a trip planned? Email the details to

To express your interest in joining a short-term trip, offering support, or seeking more information, we invite you to reach out to Global Partners Director, Denn Guptill. Denn is dedicated to helping individuals and churches navigate the short-term mission opportunities available and can provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Please email Denn at, providing your name, contact information, and a brief description of your interests and inquiries. He will personally respond to your email and assist you in finding the right short-term trip or connecting you with the appropriate resources.

We value your interest and commitment to global missions, and we look forward to partnering with you in making a difference through short-term trips.

Join us on this incredible journey of impact and transformation.
Together, let us make a difference, one short-term trip at a time.

Short-term mission trips offer a unique and impactful way to engage in global ministry. They provide individuals with the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones, immerse themselves in different cultures, and actively participate in bringing hope, healing, and the message of Christ’s love to communities in need.

Not able to physically join a short-term trip? You can still play a vital role in supporting these teams through your prayers and financial contributions. Prayers have the power to sustain and uplift our teams as they embark on their journeys, and your financial support can help cover travel expenses, necessary resources, and support ongoing projects in the communities they serve.

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